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Includes essential contract drafting, negotiating and reviewing for startups, legal advisory, legal strategy, and  support from our established partnership network of investors, technology solution firms, business consultants and corporates from around the globe.

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SME Law Firm of Teo

Includes essential contract drafting, negotiating and reviewing for SMEs, corporate advisory, legal compliance review, regulation and policy updates, licensing administration, and legal risk control.

Corporate Law Firm of Teo

Includes essential contract drafting, negotiating and reviewing for corporates, reviewing legal governance and identifying compliance risks, developing and reviewing relevant legal policies and guidelines


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 Our Purpose, Values  & Principles 

Modern Advisory, for your Modern Business

We understand that to excel as world-class, a company's  most valuable assets are its technologies and stakeholders.

Law Firm of Teo is an integrated service law firm utilizing a modern all-encompassing approach to all clients going through crucial moments of change. With our legal planning, we help businesses implement important organisational, technological and strategic changes. 

Our services, paired with our selected Affiliates and Strategic Partners in various sectors legal services, financial planning, human resource, tax and accountancy to help you protect, grow and enjoy every aspect of your wealth. Paired with our partners, innovative methods and expertise are tailored to strategize and attain organisational goals.